Sanctuary Belize

Sanctuary Belize
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Our Trip To Sanctuary Belize March 2014

Our trip to Belize was a fantastic experience. Here are some photos we took during our trip.

This is what our cabana looked like. It was extremely nice!

Our view from the deck of the cabana.

Our sleeping arrangements. AWESOME!

The resort.

My husband had to try every Belizean beer there was. There were only 3!

View of the Resort from the dock.

Just one of the many beautiful sunrises over the Caribbean.  

Sunrise by pool side.

The beginning of our ATV trip around Sanctuary Belize.  

The marina is going in. 

Riding through the jungle trails (soon to be actual roads) 

Sanctuary Belize Pool & Beach Club. 

Me sporting my Zukey Lake Tavern shirt in Belize.
(Michigan folks will know where that is!) 

Our tour of the jungle again. They were in the process of putting in new roads in March 2014.

 They have boats at the resort that you are allowed to use. It was pretty windy when were were there and we didn't get a chance to use them on this visit. (At least, not at the resort. We did kayak around the island later)

Sanctuary Caye Island (one of my favorite places to visit!) 

This is about a 5 acre island with beaches, kayaks, massage hut and snorkeling!

The view of the Caribbean from the island.

Sanctuary Caye Private Island

The massage hut! You get a complementary 30 minute massage while visiting the island. I almost fell asleep! 

Another amazing sunrise at Kanantik Jungle Resort.

Kicking back and relaxing in one of the hammocks at the resort. 

Heading back to the development. 

Walking around one of the available lots near the Savannah. 

This was a Peccary that we came across on one of the roads. It's basically a little pig! 

I think this is a gecko.  

 Enjoying the view by the pool at the resort.

We took advantage of using the swimming pool the last night we were at the resort, to celebrate being new land owners in Belize!

On Monday, they took us to Placencia by boat, so we could explore this town in the Caribbean. 

One of the local woman showed us some baskets that she can made by hand. We couldn't help, but purchase one to take home with us. 

Placencia, Belize. 

My husband, Jim to a cannonball jump off of the dock in Placencia before we headed back to the resort. 

Our ride! 

Our last sunrise in Belize. 

The dock at Kanantik Jungle Resort 

Jim standing at the end of the dock on our last morning in Belize. 

And that's ME also standing at the end of the dock.

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